Application Guidance May 2012  


2011-12 Grant Allocations.

The following projects made successful applications to the Community First programme for the first round of funding.


Name: BLATCHCOMBE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP. Project: Blatchcombe News and website.  Amount: £ 1,614

Name: FOXHOLE UNIQUE NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMITTEE(FUN)   Project: Drop-in Centre. Youth Club.    Amount: £ 1,500

Name: ROC CAFÉ. GREAT PARKS.  Project: Basic notorcycle and vehicle maintenance for young people.  Amount: £ 2,500.



Name: HEART OF DEVON AMATEUR BOXING CLUB.     Project: Free boxing training for young people referred by police/youth agencies.   Amount: £  2,500

Name: CHRISTCHURCH ELLACOMBE PCC.    Project: Monthly activities for families in Church-crafts,stories,singing,fo0d etc.  Amount: £ 940.

Name: ELLACOMBE NEIGHBOURHOOD JUNIOR WARDENS.  Project: Developing skills for young people 8-14 years old.  Amount: £ 2,157.






What is Community First?


Community First is an England-wide programme, funded by the Office for Civil Security, on behalf of the Government.

It will run for four years, until March 2015, and help communities come together through new and existing groups to identify their strengths and local priorities, plan for the future and become more resilient.

The Neighbourhood Match Fund will use £30m of government money to encourage communities to give their time and expertise to local projects, to raise money and help make their local area a better place to live.


How much funding is available in Torbay?


Three wards in Torbay qualify for Community First funding : 

Tormohun     - £50,865. over 4 years

Ellacombe     - £33,910. over 4 years

Blatchcombe - £33,910. over 4 years


How is the funding managed in Torbay?


The three wards named above have each set up a Community First Panel made up of 4-8 local members of the community who will work with their community to produce a Community First Plan and recommend project activities to be funded in their ward.  Being a panel member is a voluntary activity and no individual is paid for their work on the panel.

The Community First Panels are supported by a Panel Partner – Community and Voluntary Action Torbay (CVA Torbay) who hold a small amount of funding on behalf of the panels and after support to the panels to ensure that it is accountable and transparent in carrying out its responsibilities.  CVA Torbay is also a member of each Community First Panel.


Who can apply for funding and how?


To receive Community First funding your group or organisation must :

  • Be a not-for-profit, third sector voluntary or community group.
  • Be connected with and/or meet the needs of the local community.
  • Have a bank account with two signatories OR nominate an organisation which has a bank account with two signatories to hold funds on its behalf.
  • Have a governing document that has a minimum the name, aim/purpose, objects; a dissolution clause for the organisation; a list of Trustees/Committee members and Trustees/Committee member signatories.  New groups are not required to have this in place, but must develop one.
  • Provide evidence of significant community participation in your application through the groups matched element to the project.
  • Show that your project is in line with the priorities identified for the ward.


What can be funded?


  • Training for volunteers.
  • Activities that support community activities.
  • Additional activities to expand an existing funded project.
  • Activities that meet an identified need in the local community.
  • The costs of putting on a local event or workshop.
  • Funding to support an organisation to achieve a quality or other standard relevant to their activities.
  • The purchase of equipment, like a computer or furniture, which is essential to the operation and development of your community activity.


Who cannot be funded?


  • Statutory organisations, such as Local Authorities, schools and the Police Force.
  • Commercial ventures.




Overall priority is to empower the local community – specifically we will fund projects/activities that :


  • Improve the local environment
  • Improve facilities for young people
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Improve understanding between our older and younger community members
  • Reduce health inequalities
  • Improve sign-posting to existing services
  • Bring different communities within the ward close together.


 How much can your group apply for :

£250 is the minimum and £2,500 is the maximum amount that can be awarded to a group for a period of one year.  Groups can re-apply each year.


Match funding

Groups funded by the Community First Panel will need to demonstrate match funding.  The matched element should principally be in volunteer time but can also be donated cash, goods and services.

Groups should use an hourly rate of £11. 09p to calculate the value of volunteer match time.


How do I apply?

If you feel your project or activity meets the criteria in the enclosed guidance please fill in the enclosed application form and return email to one of the addresses below by depending on which ward your project activity will take place: (Ellacombe) (Tormohun) (Blatchcombe)

How are decisions made, and when will I know the outcome of our application?

The Community First Panel for your ward makes their decision based on the following criteria :

  1. Does the project address one or more of the local priorities the panel has set?
  2. Is the timetable for delivery achievable?
  3. Will the project result in an improvement in the quality of life or opportunities for local people?
  4. What are the possibilities for the participation of local people and volunteers in delivering the project?
  5. What benefits to the neighbourhood will result from the project?
  6. Do the project costs represent value for money?

Once the Panel has decided which projects to fund, they will submit a proposal document to the Community Development Foundation (CDF) who is managing Community First on behalf of the Office for Civil Society.

CDF will then contact the funded organisation to confirm the decision.

All payments and administration of the grants will then be undertaken by CDF.

Information about the projects funded and what they are doing will be available on the Torbay Community First website at

Community First Application Form Tormohun

Community First Application Form Blatchcombe

Community First Application Form Ellacombe

January 2013