Meet and Greet Patient and Visitor volunteer scheme

Torbay Care Trust is in the process of setting up a new ‘Meet and Greet/Patient Visitor’ volunteer scheme on Coverdale Ward at Paignton Hospital.

The aim is for a volunteer to answer the out of hours’ external door bell during patient visiting times in order to meet and greet visitors to Coverdale Ward.  This will generally be after 5p.m. when the door is kept locked.

The presence of a volunteer will help to ensure that visitors feel welcomed and supported on arrival and are shown to the correct area of the ward.

Volunteers will also be encouraged to sit with patients who have expressed a wish to have a companion to chat to and who may want someone to read or play interactive games with such as cards or scrabble.  It is hoped that by engaging positively with visitors, patients and staff, volunteers will help promote a friendly, sociable experience for people in hospital. 

Volunteers will be allocated one afternoon/evening session to begin with.  After an initial settling in period, and with the agreement of the manager, more than one session may be considered.  It is hoped that in time there will be a volunteer on duty every day to provide this valuable service to patients.  Applicants should have a genuine interest in engaging with people and possess excellent communication skills.

Following a successful interview, all volunteers will be required to complete the necessary registration forms and provide information to obtain a disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau.

For further information please contact:  Sally Quail, Voluntary Services Co-ordinator, Employment Plus Office, Regent House, Regent Close, Torquay.  Tel: 01803 653344 or email