CVA Torbay Membership can help your organisation with:

  • Development - Help in identifying social and other needs, and development in partnership with voluntary agencies where appropriate.
  • Liaison - Promotes links between voluntary & statutory sectors, and works with a wide range of organisers and users of services.  Encourages involvement of service users in local planning processes.
  • Representation - Help to enable local voluntary organisations to be represented at decision-making level with statutory authorities.
  • Information on current legislation - Information on Charity Law, Best Practice, Insurance, Health & Safety etc.
  • Signposting - Directing enquiries and volunteers to appropriate organisations.
  • Practical help - We provide a range of services to our Affiliated groups including Advice and Consultancy, Start Up Advice, Volunteer recruitment, Funding Advice, Fundraisers Forum, Capacity building, weekly Network column in the Herald Express, A database of local voluntary groups, Training, Meeting Room hire, Community Hour, Volunteer Managers Forum and the Torbay Accountancy Programme.  On occasions some of our services may be free and exclusive to our members but where a cost is incurred our members enjoy a discounted rate, for example our meeting room hire and accountancy programme.  We send copies of our Newsletter to Affiliated groups, other stakeholders, and local Councillors on a monthly basis.  , 

If you feel that your organisation would benefit from the range of services provided please go to How to Join