New parking bays scheme


Parking bays are to be provided on a Torquay estate in a bid to cut down on problems caused by people parking their vehicles on grass verges.

Mincent Hill in Watcombe has been identified as the Bay's main problem area for parking on verges.

Now, Torbay Council is to spend £28,000 on a new parking scheme.

Eighteen parking bays are to be provided along a section of Mincent Hill where the main verge parking problems occur.

Work is due to start in mid-April and is expected to take between three and four weeks to complete.

Torbay Mayor Gordon Oliver said: "With an increase in car ownership, vehicle parking on highway grass verges is becoming a growing problem in various parts of the Bay.

"It is made even worse during prolonged spells of wet weather, which is just what we have endured recently. Car tyres cause damage on the grass, and mud ends up on the road and gets into people's homes.

"Tyres sinking into the grass can cause deep ruts, which could pose a safety hazard for anyone walking on the verge.

"Vehicles partially parking on the verges can lessen the available road width and cause access problems, particularly for larger vehicles such as fire appliances and refuse vehicles.

"Our Highways Department regularly receives complaints about vehicles parking on footways and grass verges, and about the damage this causes.

"Regrettably, we currently have an extremely limited budget to address these issues.

"However, having identified Mincent Hill as the highest priority scheme, I am pleased that we have been able to allocate local transport funding to provide a number of parking bays there for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

"The scheme will also involve repairing the damaged verges, and its completion will help improve vehicle access to the Woodland Project."

Cllr Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Safer Communities and Transport, said: "Local residents petitioned us about the grass verge parking problems, and we have worked closely with residents and local ward councillors to draw up a scheme that meets their concerns."

Watcombe ward councillor Steve Darling said: "Both I and my ward colleague Roger Stringer have campaigned for many years, and we are delighted that at last this blight on our local community will be resolved."