Charity Bank – a different bank for people that want a different world


Charity Bank has a mission to facilitate social change through investment.  We are the only regulated bank in the UK that is also a registered general charity, and the only bank where 100 per cent of the money deposited is used solely to support organisations providing solutions to society’s problems.  

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help to transform the future for those charities, social enterprises and community organisations that want to maximise their own mission impact. 

Through our business support and finance services, we want to give organisations the power to start thinking with a different mindset about funding: to develop strategies based on a ‘funding mix’ - which can leverage funds more cleverly - rather than solely looking at grants and gift-giving as a source.

And we want to challenge the perceived risks of borrowing that can often be a barrier to accessing the finance they need, and that may have a long-lasting effect on an organisation’s ability to deliver. 

Lending from a few thousand pounds to £1 million, we work with registered charities, community associations and businesses, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, social landlords, community interest companies or other organisations where the purpose of the loan is charitable. 

Our unique offering

We’re uniquely placed to help these organisations.  Because we’re a bank, we have the ability to offer financial support to organisations with a charitable cause, providing unsecured working capital loans as well as long-term secured asset or investment funding.  

Because we’re a charity we understand how the sector works, and the inconsistency and idiosyncrasies of traditional sources of charity funding.

Our Charity Bank assessors can work with your organisation to agree:

  • Short term bridging loans against delayed grants or other identified income such as pre-finance  covenanted or contracted income
  • Working capital loans
  • Loans for building purchase and refurbishmen
  •  “Final brick” loans, which enable you to get on with the project after most of the funds have been raise
  • Loans for new developments or for income generation
  • Loans to help you build reserves
  • Standby commitments where you need to evidence matched funding
  • Underwriting to kick start or underpin a fund-raising programme
  • Guarantees or performance bonds

We also provide leasing and asset finance, to purchase equipment from phone systems to minibuses or larger capital items, and can offer Shariah compliant trust loans (qard hasan) and leasing (ijara).

For further information please contact the Charity Bank Loans Desk on 01732 774050, email or visit the website at